3 Events Weekend!

Posted in Event News on 25/11/2022

We have a fully packed weekend of figure events, with WonHobby 2022 Autumn, amiami HobbyCamp 22 Autumn and Megahobby Expo 2022 New Dot all happening at the same time.


The 2 day WonHobby event details are available here: https://special.goodsmile.info/whg_2022_autumn/


amiami HobbyCamp is back with both their real and online exhibitions with lots of figure brands attending to show off their new samples. Details available here: https://amicamp.jp/en/


Megahobby Expo will also be hosting a real world exhibition in Akihabara with an online element as well with a host of well known names showing off their wares. Details available here: https://megahobbyexpo.jp/2022newdot/en/

Cultured Discussion


Really hope Oriental Forest actually show up with a final version of ark royal (https://figure.community/figures/196/ark%20royal%20oriental%20forest) 🙏