Frequently Asked Questions



Registration for is free and requires a valid email. Click here to register.
Forgotten Password
Passwords can be reset provided you still have access to the email provided on registration. Click here to reset your password.


Adding photos to figures
You can add photos to the system using the add photo page or going to the relative figures page and clicking the upload photos button.
Altering details of photos
Once a photo has been uploaded you can edit the details of the photo including captions, gear details and tag additional figures by going to the photo page and clicking the edit photo button.
Adding photos to the featured photo pool
To add a photo to the featured pool you can go to the photo page, open the editing panel and click the feature photo button. Any personal photo added in the past 5 days can be added.


How long does it take for updates to apply?
Updates are viewed and either accepted or denied by stewards related to the item you updated.

Any updates you make can be viewed from the dashboard.
Who checks the updates submitted?
Stewards are selected users who have an interest in one or many series and can be trusted to adjudicate on the quality of updates.

Should your update be rejected there will usually be a comment attached to the update in the dashboard.
I would like to help moderate, how do I join?
Users wishing to become stewards can apply through discord.