Hi everybody! I wanted to drop an article for an Insight figure I recently received. This is 1/3-scale Minmin!

I've categorized all the images as NSFW, but there's no nudity involved. I was able to make a swimsuit to keep Minmin covered. I'm sure I've missed something, so feel free to contact me or whatever you feel is appropriate 😃

The purpose of the article is three fold. I initially posted this review on MFC, and wanted to see if the FC platform could support such an article with pictures. Secondly, I really like this Minmin figure and so I want to share it with y'all. I think it's incredibly cute! Finally, I want y'all to see the quality (good & bad) of Insight's finished product. This, to help the FC community make more informed choices. I personally prefer to see prototypes of finished figures before buying, but Insight hasn't indulged us with prototype pics. So maybe this will help on that front, too.

So without further ado, let's get on with it 😃

These first just show the packaging Insight provides. Insight always uses smaller boxing since they are using bubble wrap instead of the clear plastic like most of the industry. The white Insight box is actually corrugated cardboard like the exterior shipping box (as opposed to single layer poster board everyone else uses).


Lots of bubble wrap to keep everything secure.

Ok, for context, these were taken outside on a cloudy day.

My color selection for her swimsuit was highly influenced by what I had on hand that wouldn't fray - so brown it is, lol.

I really like the pensive expression 😃.

The figure came with what is supposed to be a liquid leaking from her nether regions and pooling under her. It's kind of clear-ish, and I decided not to include it. I'll leave that part to your imagination 😃.

Her hair is a single color. No shading at all on it. I believe this is intentional on Insight's part, as the CGIs also show a single color. The color of her hair is slightly different than the CGIs, but honestly, it was always shown as gray, and I expected it to be gray, and it is gray . . or at least that's the word I'm using to describe it's color. Maybe it's actually two shades grayer than baby blue, or . . . whatever. Anyway, I like the neutral color. Below is a comparison of the CGI and my exterior, cloudy day, picture.

My own thoughts on this comparison is that the final product is remarkably like the CGI. The slight color differences are wholly due to the different atmosphere - I'm photographing outdoors on a cloudy day, the CGI obviously is rendered - but it's using a pink atmosphere which affects how I perceive the other colors. So, my perception is that they really got the colors just fine. This comparison picture also shows her eyes well, and I just love those eyes!

Back on task, lol. Here are som side and back views:

I love that they painted each tonail 😃

Here in the back picture, you can see where they assembled here hair. Not sure I'd call this a defect or just a feature of the different parts that comprise her. It is what it is, but it's not something that bothers me.

You've noticed by now that Minmin is not sitting on a base. This figure did not come with a base. I'm totally down with that, as I highly prefer figures without bases

I like the blush on her cheeks.

Perhaps it's not really visible in any of these pictures, but her eyes are gloss. And, the small slightly-darker ovals on the outside bottom of each eye are also gloss, like small tears welling up in the outside corners. Another cute feture, IMHO.

Here are a few pictures taken inside for a different ambience.

Group shot for scale comparison. Chocola of course is 1/4 scale. You can tell Minmin is larger than 1/4 scale, but certainly not fully 1/3 scale. Insight still has room for improvement in their scale category! This image also has some comparative value for skin tone. You can pretty easily see Minmin's skin tone is on par with Chocola here.

This last shot is closer up with Chocola and Minmin. The purpose is just for skin shading, again. I think Minmin is in no way inferior to Chocola in skin tone. Sometimes because of the lighting, or the internal camera color processing or who-knows-what, the actual seen colors don't come through perfectly, so I find it helpful to stick a well known reference figure along side. Minmin is not more pale than Chocola, on the contrary, she is more vibrant.

If you've made it this far, let me thank you for reading all the way down. Minmin's screaming to get out of this metal-wire-slingshot bikini, so it's time for her to come out of that, lol. Thanks again,

Discussion thread for Insight's 1/3-Scale China Girl "Minmin" Review w/ Pictures

I notice the “More from GrandPr1x1” section is above this discussion section, which seems out of order, but that may just be me.

I wanted to comment that adding pictures using the “Ctrl-Alt-I” is difficult since you have to have the full URL of the image you want to add. I did it by having multiple tabs open and switching between them as I checked what URL each loaded picture had. I assume this allows linking to off-site images, and maybe I was using that tool wrongly (i.e., using it in a way that is inconsistent with how it is intended to be used).

The “Figure Photo” feature that I thought was broken actually worked just fine and even provided a flyout when I hovered over the published image. However, when I used the “preview” button while creating the article, the image was not included, so I surmised that feature didn't work. Also, the selection tool obscures all NSFW-classified images, so you can't choose them. The box that I managed to bring in to the article using this method was not classified as NSFW.

Also, it's nice that FC has a way to publish articles, that is cool!

articles are very much a work in progress, they use systems that i didn't create so there's weird bugs and things to work out. It runs on basically the same formating system as reddit but with some extras (adding figure/community photos, figure links).

I will probably add a NSFW mode for the articles so NSFW photos can be allowed, but currently that is just to stop people seeing NSFW stuff accidentally.

Without many articles to test with i haven't really put much effort in to finishing it as it is very labour intensive to work on, but articles like this give me some motivation to work on it.